Commit 89cc3988 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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FIX part of #1959: declaration versions were not being incremented correctly

We were building a mapping from ModuleName to [Occ] from the usage
list, using the usg_mod field as the key.  Unfortunately, due to a
very poor naming decision, usg_mod is actually the module version, not
the ModuleName.  usg_name is the ModuleName.  Since Version is also an
instance of Uniquable, there was no type error: all that happened was
lookups in the map never succeeded.  I shall rename the fields of
Usage in a separate patch.

This doesn't completely fix #1959, but it gets part of the way there.

I have to take partial blame as the person who wrote this fragment of
code in late 2006 (patch "Interface file optimisation and removal of
parent d0864f52
......@@ -706,7 +706,7 @@ computeChangedOccs ver_fn this_module old_usages eq_info
name_changed nm
| Just ents <- lookupUFM usg_modmap (moduleName mod)
= case lookupUFM ents parent_occ of
Nothing -> pprPanic "computeChangedOccs" (ppr nm)
Nothing -> pprTrace "WARNING: computeChangedOccs" (ppr nm) $ False
Just v -> v < new_version
| otherwise = False -- must be in another package
......@@ -714,7 +714,7 @@ computeChangedOccs ver_fn this_module old_usages eq_info
(parent_occ, new_version) = ver_fn nm
-- Turn the usages from the old ModIface into a mapping
usg_modmap = listToUFM [ (usg_mod usg, listToUFM (usg_entities usg))
usg_modmap = listToUFM [ (usg_name usg, listToUFM (usg_entities usg))
| usg <- old_usages ]
get_local_eq_info :: GenIfaceEq NameSet -> GenIfaceEq OccSet
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