Commit 89cfcda0 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Install the mtl package into the bindist when validating. This allows

some more tests to run (those with reqlib('mtl')) and serves as an
extra sanity check on Cabal and the bindist.
parent ec2712d6
......@@ -86,6 +86,21 @@ $make -j$threads ValidateHpc=$hpc ValidateSlow=$slow
$make binary-dist-prep
$make test_bindist TEST_PREP=YES
# Install the mtl package into the bindist, because it is used by some
# tests. It isn't essential that we do this (the failing tests will
# be treated as expected failures), but we get a bit more test
# coverage, and also verify that we can install a package into the
# bindist with Cabal.
bindistdir="bindisttest/install dir"
cd libraries/mtl
"$thisdir/$bindistdir/bin/runhaskell" Setup.hs configure --with-ghc="$thisdir/$bindistdir/bin/ghc" --global --builddir=dist-bindist --prefix="$thisdir/$bindistdir"
"$thisdir/$bindistdir/bin/runhaskell" Setup.hs build --builddir=dist-bindist
"$thisdir/$bindistdir/bin/runhaskell" Setup.hs install --builddir=dist-bindist
"$thisdir/$bindistdir/bin/runhaskell" Setup.hs clean --builddir=dist-bindist
cd $thisdir
fi # testsuite-only
if [ "$hpc" = YES ]
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