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Document the units of -ddump-timings

Right now, in the output of -ddump-timings to a file, you can't tell what the units are:

CodeGen [TemplateTestImports]: alloc=22454880 time=14.597

I believe bytes/milliseconds are the correct units, but confirmation would be appreciated. I'm basing it off of this snippet from `withTiming'`:

when (verbosity dflags >= 2 && prtimings == PrintTimings)
  $ liftIO $ logInfo dflags (defaultUserStyle dflags)
      (text "!!!" <+> what <> colon <+> text "finished in"
       <+> doublePrec 2 time
       <+> text "milliseconds"
       <> comma
       <+> text "allocated"
       <+> doublePrec 3 (realToFrac alloc / 1024 / 1024)
       <+> text "megabytes")

which implies time is in milliseconds, and allocations in bytes (which divided by 1024 would be KB, and again would be MB)
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......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ Dumping out compiler intermediate structures
:type: dynamic
Show allocation and runtime statistics for various stages of compilation.
Allocations are measured in bytes. Timings are measured in milliseconds.
GHC is a large program consisting of a number of stages. You can tell GHC to
dump information from various stages of compilation using the ``-ddump-⟨pass⟩``
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