Commit 8a0ab97b authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Unsafe foreign calls (fat machine instructions) do not kill all registers.

The new code generator was doing some interesting spilling across
unsafe foreign calls:

     _c1ao::I32 = Hp - 4;
     I32[Sp - 20] = _c1ao::I32;
     foreign "ccall"
       newCAF((BaseReg, PtrHint), (R1, PtrHint))[_unsafe_call_];
     _c1ao::I32 = I32[Sp - 20];

This is fairly unnecessary, and resulted from over-conservative
liveness analysis from CmmLive.  We can see that the old code
generator only saved volatile registers across unsafe foreign calls:
spilling variables was done by saveVolatileVarsAndRegs, which was
only performed for ordinary calls.

This commit removes the excess kill from the liveness analysis, as well
as the *redundant* excess kill from spilling-and-reloading, and adds a
note to CmmNode to this effect.  The only registers we need to kill
are the ones that the foreign call assigns to, just like any other
machine instruction.

Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang's avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 1fb38442
......@@ -63,12 +63,12 @@ gen a live = foldRegsUsed extendRegSet live a
kill :: DefinerOfLocalRegs a => a -> RegSet -> RegSet
kill a live = foldRegsDefd delOneFromUniqSet live a
-- Testing!
xferLive :: BwdTransfer CmmNode CmmLive
xferLive = mkBTransfer3 fst mid lst
where fst _ f = f
mid :: CmmNode O O -> CmmLive -> CmmLive
mid n f = gen_kill n $ case n of CmmUnsafeForeignCall {} -> emptyRegSet
_ -> f
mid n f = gen_kill n f
lst :: CmmNode O C -> FactBase CmmLive -> CmmLive
lst n f = gen_kill n $ case n of CmmCall {} -> emptyRegSet
CmmForeignCall {} -> emptyRegSet
......@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@ data CmmNode e x where
A MidForeign call is used for *unsafe* foreign calls;
a LastForeign call is used for *safe* foreign calls.
Unsafe ones are easy: think of them as a "fat machine instruction".
In particular, they do *not* kill all live registers (there was a bit
of code in GHC that conservatively assumed otherwise.)
Safe ones are trickier. A safe foreign call
r = f(x)
......@@ -100,11 +100,11 @@ dualLiveTransfers entry procPoints = mkBTransfer3 first middle last
where check live id x = if id == entry then noLiveOnEntry id (in_regs live) x else x
middle :: CmmNode O O -> DualLive -> DualLive
middle m live = changeStack updSlots $ changeRegs (xferLiveMiddle m) (changeRegs regs_in live)
where xferLiveMiddle = case getBTransfer3 xferLive of (_, middle, _) -> middle
regs_in :: RegSet -> RegSet
regs_in live = case m of CmmUnsafeForeignCall {} -> emptyRegSet
_ -> live
middle m = changeStack updSlots
. changeRegs updRegs
where -- Reuse middle of liveness analysis from CmmLive
updRegs = case getBTransfer3 xferLive of (_, middle, _) -> middle m
updSlots live = foldSlotsUsed reload (foldSlotsDefd spill live m) m
spill live s@(RegSlot r, _, _) = check s $ deleteFromRegSet live r
spill live _ = live
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