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base: Document the fact that Typeable is automatically "derived"

This fixes #17060.
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......@@ -4603,7 +4603,7 @@ The class ``Typeable`` is very special:
:extension:`DeriveDataTypeable` extension is enabled, but they are ignored,
and they may be reported as an error in a later version of the compiler.
- The rules for solving \`Typeable\` constraints are as follows:
- The rules for solving ``Typeable`` constraints are as follows:
- A concrete type constructor applied to some types. ::
......@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@
-- index, providing an interface very similar to the "Typeable" notion seen in
-- previous releases. For the type-indexed interface, see "Type.Reflection".
-- Since GHC 7.10, all types automatically have 'Typeable' instances derived.
-- This is in contrast to previous releases where 'Typeable' had to be
-- explicitly derived using the @DeriveDataTypeable@ language extension.
-- Since GHC 7.8, 'Typeable' is poly-kinded. The changes required for this might
-- break some old programs involving 'Typeable'. More details on this, including
-- how to fix your code, can be found on the
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