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Update process submodule

Rename `SysTools.readCreateProcess`.

Functions `readCreateProcess` and `readCreateProcessWithExitCode` were added
to `System.Process`, the former of which conflicts with

Reviewed by: austin

Differential Revision:
parent e76f8664
......@@ -469,13 +469,14 @@ askCc dflags args = do
args2 = args0 ++ args1 ++ args
mb_env <- getGccEnv args2
runSomethingWith dflags "gcc" p args2 $ \real_args ->
readCreateProcess (proc p real_args){ env = mb_env }
readCreateProcessWithExitCode' (proc p real_args){ env = mb_env }
-- Version of System.Process.readProcessWithExitCode that takes an environment
-- Similar to System.Process.readCreateProcessWithExitCode, but stderr is
-- inherited from the parent process, and output to stderr is not captured.
:: CreateProcess
-> IO (ExitCode, String) -- ^ stdout
readCreateProcess proc = do
readCreateProcessWithExitCode' proc = do
(_, Just outh, _, pid) <-
createProcess proc{ std_out = CreatePipe }
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Subproject commit ae10a33cd16d9ac9238a193e5355c5c2e05ef0a2
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