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Add werror function to Flavour.hs

This function makes it easy to turn on `-Werror` in the correct manner
to mimic how CI turns on -Werror.
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......@@ -102,6 +102,17 @@ patterns such as `"//Prelude.*"` can be used when matching input and output file
where `//` matches an arbitrary number of path components and `*` matches an entire
path component, excluding any separators.
### Enabling -Werror
It is useful to enable `-Werror` when building GHC as this setting is
used in the CI to ensure a warning free build. The `werror` function can be
used to easily modify a flavour to turn this setting on.
devel2WerrorFlavour :: Flavour
devel2WerrorFlavour = werror (developmentFlavour Stage2)
## Packages
Users can add and remove packages from particular build stages. As an example,
module Flavour (Flavour (..)) where
module Flavour (Flavour (..), werror) where
import Expression
......@@ -32,3 +32,9 @@ data Flavour = Flavour {
ghcProfiled :: Bool,
-- | Build GHC with debug information.
ghcDebugged :: Bool }
-- | Turn on -Werror for packages built with the stage1 compiler.
-- It mimics the CI settings so is useful to turn on when developing.
werror :: Flavour -> Flavour
werror fl = fl { args = args fl <> (builder Ghc ? notStage0 ? arg "-Werror") }
......@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
-- hadrian/src/UserSettings.hs to hadrian/UserSettings.hs and edit your copy.
-- If you don't copy the file your changes will be tracked by git and you can
-- accidentally commit them.
-- See doc/ for instructions, and src/Flavour.hs for auxiliary
-- functions for manipulating flavours.
-- Please update doc/ when committing changes to this file.
module UserSettings (
userFlavours, userPackages, userDefaultFlavour,
verboseCommand, buildProgressColour, successColour, finalStage
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