Commit 8dfa34fb authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove dead code

parent 6470c7e7
......@@ -558,13 +558,6 @@ undefined_RDR = varQual_RDR gHC_ERR (fsLit "undefined")
error_RDR :: RdrName
error_RDR = varQual_RDR gHC_ERR (fsLit "error")
-- Old Generics (constructors and functions)
crossDataCon_RDR, inlDataCon_RDR, inrDataCon_RDR, genUnitDataCon_RDR :: RdrName
crossDataCon_RDR = dataQual_RDR gHC_GENERICS (fsLit ":*:")
inlDataCon_RDR = dataQual_RDR gHC_GENERICS (fsLit "Inl")
inrDataCon_RDR = dataQual_RDR gHC_GENERICS (fsLit "Inr")
genUnitDataCon_RDR = dataQual_RDR gHC_GENERICS (fsLit "Unit")
-- Generics (constructors and functions)
u1DataCon_RDR, par1DataCon_RDR, rec1DataCon_RDR,
k1DataCon_RDR, m1DataCon_RDR, l1DataCon_RDR, r1DataCon_RDR,
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