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Add an agenda for the meeting on 16 June 2015.

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Shaking up GHC (3rd shake) meeting, 16 June 2015
Things to discuss:
1. Parameters of the build system that are still not user configurable:
* targetDirectory (Targets.hs) -- is this important? Can be moved to
UserSettings.hs, but will clutter it (what is the good balance of
what we expose to users?). Can be made into a conditional expression
similar to userWays, userPackages and userSettings, but is it worth it?
* knownPackages (Targets.hs) -- fix by adding knownUserPackages? A nasty
import cycle is then created between Targets.hs and UserSettings.hs
* integerLibraryImpl (Switches.hs) -- fix by having three integer library
packages in Targets.hs and choosing which one to build in userPackages, e.g.:
userPackages = remove [integerGmp2] <> append [integerSimple]
* In general, should Targets.hs be editable by users as well? Ideally,
there should only be one place for user to look: UserSettings.hs.
* Any other parameters I missed which should be user configurable?
2. When predicates are moved from configuration files to UserSettings we
no longer track their state in oracles. This may lead to inconsistent
state of the build system. A more general problem: how do we accurately
track changes in the build systems, specifically in UserSettings.hs?
3. Discuss if the current design makes recording provenance information
possible. (Should probably be implemented only after the first successful
complete build though.)
4. I'd like interpret/interpretDiff to be total functions. It should be
possible to check at compile which questions a given environment can
answer and raise an error if an expression needs to know more.
For example, consider an environment envS that can only answer 'getStage'
question, and environment envSP that can answer questions 'getStage' and
'getPackage'. Now consider two expressions
exprS = stage0 ? foo
exprSP = stage0 ? package base ? bar
Now I'd like the following to produce a compile error:
interpret envS exprSP
However, all other combinations should be fine:
interpret envS exprS
interpret envSP exprS
interpret envSP exprSP
I played with some possible solutions using type classes, but they all
seem clumsy/heavy.
Hence, for now I have:
data Environment = Environment
getStage :: Stage,
getBuilder :: Builder,
getPackage :: Package
defaultEnvironment :: Environment
defaultEnvironment = Environment
getStage = error "Stage not set in the environment",
getBuilder = error "Builder not set in the environment",
getPackage = error "Package not set in the environment"
which leads to a lot of partial functions all over the build system.
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