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Include -f{write,validate}-ide-info in the User's Guide flag reference

Previously, these were omitted from the flag reference due to a
layout oversight in `docs/users_guide/flags.{rst,py}`.

Fixes #18426.
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......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ categories = {
'coverage': 'Program coverage',
'cpp': 'C pre-processor',
'debugging': 'Debugging the compiler',
'extended-interface-files': 'Extended interface files',
'interactive': 'Interactive mode',
'interface-files': 'Interface files',
'keep-intermediates': 'Keeping intermediate files',
......@@ -127,6 +127,21 @@ More details in :ref:`hi-options`
:type: table
:category: interface-files
Extended interface file options
More details in :ref:`hie-options`
.. tabularcolumns::
| p{\dimexpr 0.30\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} |
p{\dimexpr 0.31\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} |
p{\dimexpr 0.11\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} |
p{\dimexpr 0.29\textwidth-2\tabcolsep} |
.. flag-print::
:type: table
:category: extended-interface-files
Recompilation checking
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