Commit 905941e4 authored by's avatar


parent 086f5cc8
......@@ -537,7 +537,7 @@ simplLazyBind env top_lvl is_rec bndr bndr1 rhs rhs_se
-- we only float if (a) arg' is a WHNF, or (b) it's going to top level
-- and so there can't be any 'will be demanded' bindings in the floats.
-- Hence the warning
ASSERT2( is_top_level || not (any demanded_float (floatBinds floats)),
WARN( not (is_top_level || not (any demanded_float (floatBinds floats))),
ppr (filter demanded_float (floatBinds floats)) )
tick LetFloatFromLet `thenSmpl_` (
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