Commit 909d52e2 authored by Iavor S. Diatchki's avatar Iavor S. Diatchki

Document the behavior of "info!".

parent a006ecdf
......@@ -2391,7 +2391,7 @@ Prelude> :. cmds.ghci
<literal>:info</literal> <replaceable>name</replaceable> ...
<literal>:info</literal><optional><literal>!</literal></optional><replaceable>name</replaceable> ...
......@@ -2410,6 +2410,9 @@ Prelude> :. cmds.ghci
and (b) all the other things mentioned in the instance
are in scope (either qualified or otherwise) as a result of
a <literal>:load</literal> or <literal>:module</literal> commands. </para>
The command <literal>:info!</literal> works in a similar fasion
but it removes restriction (b), showing all instancds that are in
scope and mention <replaceable>name</replaceable> in their head.
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