Commit 90f35612 authored by's avatar

Existentials should be specified.

This addresses point (2) from #11513.
parent b962bcc6
......@@ -768,7 +768,7 @@ mkDataCon name declared_infix prom_info
tag = assoc "mkDataCon" (tyConDataCons rep_tycon `zip` [fIRST_TAG..]) con
rep_arg_tys = dataConRepArgTys con
rep_ty = mkSpecForAllTys univ_tvs $ mkInvForAllTys ex_tvs $
rep_ty = mkSpecForAllTys univ_tvs $ mkSpecForAllTys ex_tvs $
mkFunTys rep_arg_tys $
mkTyConApp rep_tycon (mkTyVarTys univ_tvs)
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