Commit 91c81cc9 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix mkdependC: Make it tell cpp to use our temporary filename

parent 2906aee6
......@@ -181,17 +181,17 @@ sub slurp_file { # follows an example in the `open' item in perl man page
$fname = &tidy_dir_names($fname);
($fh, $tempfile) = tempfile();
($fh, $tempfile) = tempfile(DIR => '.', SUFFIX => '.d');
close $fh;
# ${CPP} better be 'gcc -E', or the -x option will fail...
# ..and the -MM & -MMD.
$result = system("${CPP} -MM -MMD $Include_dirs @Defines -x c $fname $ignore_output");
$result = system("${CPP} -MM -MMD $Include_dirs @Defines -x c $fname -o $tempfile $ignore_output");
if ($result != 0) {
# On the cheesy side..we do want to know what went wrong, so
# re-run the command.
$result = system("${CPP} -MM -MMD $Include_dirs @Defines -x c $fname ");
$result = system("${CPP} -MM -MMD $Include_dirs @Defines -x c $fname -o $tempfile");
if ($result != 0) {
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