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Make value sources more explicit

[skip ci]

Rather than relying on comments, move the documentation
into the source, so it's checked by the compiler automatically
parent 03b33797
import Base
import Rules
import Rules.Cabal
import Rules.Config
import Rules.Generate
import Rules.Libffi
import Rules.IntegerGmp
import Rules.Oracles
module Main (main) where
import qualified Base as B
import qualified Rules as R
import qualified Rules.Cabal as RCabal
import qualified Rules.Config as RConfig
import qualified Rules.Copy as RCopy
import qualified Rules.Generate as RGen
import qualified Rules.IntegerGmp as RInt
import qualified Rules.Libffi as RFfi
import qualified Rules.Oracles as ROracle
main :: IO ()
main = shakeArgs options $ do
cabalRules -- see Rules.Cabal
configRules -- see Rules.Config
copyRules -- see Rules.Generate
generateTargets -- see Rules
generateRules -- see Rules.Generate
libffiRules -- see Rules.Libffi
integerGmpRules -- see Rules.IntegerGmp
oracleRules -- see Rules.Oracles
packageRules -- see Rules
main = shakeArgs options rules
rules = mconcat
[ RCabal.cabalRules
, RConfig.configRules
, RCopy.copyRules
, R.generateTargets
, RGen.generateRules
, RFfi.libffiRules
, RInt.integerGmpRules
, ROracle.oracleRules
, R.packageRules ]
options = shakeOptions
{ shakeFiles = shakeFilesPath
, shakeProgress = progressSimple
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