Commit 9282daea authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2000-06-30 13:10:38 by simonpj]

Improve error message
parent dc9cf6cf
......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ tc_type_kind (HsUsgForAllTy uv_name ty)
tc_type_kind ty `thenTc` \ (kind, tc_ty) ->
returnTc (kind, mkUsForAllTy uv tc_ty)
tc_type_kind (HsForAllTy (Just tv_names) context ty)
tc_type_kind full_ty@(HsForAllTy (Just tv_names) context ty)
= tcExtendTyVarScope tv_names $ \ forall_tyvars ->
tcContext context `thenTc` \ theta ->
tc_type_kind ty `thenTc` \ (kind, tau) ->
......@@ -240,8 +240,8 @@ tc_type_kind (HsForAllTy (Just tv_names) context ty)
not (ct_var `elemUFM` extended_tau_vars)
is_free ct_var = not (ct_var `elem` forall_tyvars)
check_pred pred = checkTc (not any_ambig) (ambigErr pred ty) `thenTc_`
checkTc (not all_free) (freeErr pred ty)
check_pred pred = checkTc (not any_ambig) (ambigErr pred full_ty) `thenTc_`
checkTc (not all_free) (freeErr pred full_ty)
ct_vars = varSetElems (tyVarsOfPred pred)
any_ambig = is_source_polytype && any is_ambig ct_vars
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