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Comments only (Note [Entering error thunks])

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......@@ -728,6 +728,30 @@ staticClosureNeedsLink (ConInfo { closureSMRep = sm_rep, closureCon = con })
_other -> True
Note [Entering error thunks]
Consider this
fail :: Int
fail = error Int "Urk"
foo :: Bool -> Bool
foo True y = (fail `cast` Bool -> Bool) y
foo False y = False
This looks silly, but it can arise from case-of-error. Even if it
does, we'd usually see that 'fail' is a bottoming function and would
discard the extra argument 'y'. But even if that does not occur,
this program is still OK. We will enter 'fail', which never returns.
The WARN is just to alert me to the fact that we aren't spotting that
'fail' is bottoming.
(We are careful never to make a funtion value look like a data type,
because we can't enter a function closure -- but that is not the
problem here.)
Avoiding generating entries and info tables
At present, for every function we generate all of the following,
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