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Don't try to copy haddock index files if we haven't built the docs.

M ./libraries/Makefile +2
parent 3fb77bfe
...@@ -335,9 +335,11 @@ binary-dist: $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),binary-dist.library.$(SUBDIR)) ...@@ -335,9 +335,11 @@ binary-dist: $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),binary-dist.library.$(SUBDIR))
mkdir $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)/ifBuildable mkdir $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)/ifBuildable
cp ifBuildable/ifBuildable $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)/ifBuildable cp ifBuildable/ifBuildable $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)/ifBuildable
cp Makefile $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR) cp Makefile $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)
ifeq "$(HADDOCK_DOCS)" "YES"
cp gen_contents_index $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR) cp gen_contents_index $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)
cp index.html $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR) cp index.html $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)
cp doc-index.html $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR) cp doc-index.html $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)
cp -pR stamp $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR) cp -pR stamp $(BIN_DIST_LIBDIR)
$(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),binary-dist.library.$(SUBDIR)): \ $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),binary-dist.library.$(SUBDIR)): \
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