Commit 9477bf59 authored by Peter Trommler's avatar Peter Trommler 🥁 Committed by Ben Gamari

PPC NCG: GOT declaration for all 64-bit ELF systems

parent 539a8f0e
......@@ -527,19 +527,17 @@ pprGotDeclaration _ _ OSAIX
-- PPC 64 ELF v1 needs a Table Of Contents (TOC) on Linux
pprGotDeclaration _ (ArchPPC_64 ELF_V1) OSLinux
-- PPC 64 ELF v1 needs a Table Of Contents (TOC)
pprGotDeclaration _ (ArchPPC_64 ELF_V1) _
= text ".section \".toc\",\"aw\""
-- In ELF v2 we also need to tell the assembler that we want ABI
-- version 2. This would normally be done at the top of the file
-- right after a file directive, but I could not figure out how
-- to do that.
pprGotDeclaration _ (ArchPPC_64 ELF_V2) OSLinux
pprGotDeclaration _ (ArchPPC_64 ELF_V2) _
= vcat [ text ".abiversion 2",
text ".section \".toc\",\"aw\""
pprGotDeclaration _ (ArchPPC_64 _) _
= panic "pprGotDeclaration: ArchPPC_64 only Linux supported"
-- Emit GOT declaration
-- Output whatever needs to be output once per .s file.
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