Commit 951c3e2a authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

GhcProfiled: don't automatically add -auto-all

parent 16a7d5b9
......@@ -349,12 +349,21 @@ else
compiler_CONFIGURE_OPTS += --ghc-option=-DNO_REGS
# If we're profiling GHC then we want lots of SCCs, so -auto-all
# We also don't want to waste time building the non-profiling library.
# Unfortunately this means that we have to tell ghc-pkg --force as it
# gets upset when libHSghc-6.9.a doesn't exist.
ifeq "$(GhcProfiled)" "YES"
compiler_stage2_CONFIGURE_OPTS += --ghc-option=-auto-all
# If we're profiling GHC then we want SCCs. However, adding -auto-all
# everywhere tends to give a hard-to-read profile, and adds lots of
# overhead. A better approach is to proceed top-down; identify the
# parts of the compiler of interest, and then add further cost centres
# as necessary. Turn on -auto-all for individual modules like this:
compiler/main/DriverPipeline_HC_OPTS += -auto-all
compiler/main/GhcMake_HC_OPTS += -auto-all
compiler/main/GHC_HC_OPTS += -auto-all
# or alternatively addd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -auto-all #-} to the top of
# modules you're interested in.
# We seem to still build the vanilla libraries even if we say
# --disable-library-vanilla, but installation then fails, as Cabal
# doesn't copy the vanilla .hi files, but ghc-pkg complains about
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