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Fix Trac #T4136: take care with nullary symbol constructors

When a nullary constructor is a symbol eg (:=:) we need
to take care.  Annoying.
parent f87cc9cf
......@@ -889,14 +889,23 @@ gen_Read_binds get_fixity loc tycon
= case nullary_cons of
[] -> []
[con] -> [nlHsDo DoExpr [bindLex (ident_pat (data_con_str con))]
(result_expr con [])]
[con] -> [nlHsDo DoExpr [bindLex (match_con con)] (result_expr con [])]
_ -> [nlHsApp (nlHsVar choose_RDR)
(nlList (map mk_pair nullary_cons))]
-- NB For operators the parens around (:=:) are matched by the
-- enclosing "parens" call, so here we must match the naked
-- data_con_str con
match_con con | isSym con_str = symbol_pat con_str
| otherwise = ident_pat con_str
con_str = data_con_str con
-- For nullary constructors we must match Ident s for normal constrs
-- and Symbol s for operators
mk_pair con = mkLHsTupleExpr [nlHsLit (mkHsString (data_con_str con)),
result_expr con []]
read_non_nullary_con data_con
| is_infix = mk_parser infix_prec infix_stmts body
| is_record = mk_parser record_prec record_stmts body
......@@ -1032,7 +1041,7 @@ gen_Show_binds get_fixity loc tycon
pats_etc data_con
| nullary_con = -- skip the showParen junk...
ASSERT(null bs_needed)
([nlWildPat, con_pat], mk_showString_app con_str)
([nlWildPat, con_pat], mk_showString_app op_con_str)
| otherwise =
([a_Pat, con_pat],
showParen_Expr (nlHsPar (genOpApp a_Expr ge_RDR (nlHsLit (HsInt con_prec_plus_one))))
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