Commit 960cd424 authored by Frank Steffahn's avatar Frank Steffahn Committed by Ben Gamari
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Fix typo in user guide about ConstraintKinds

The backslash currently in this type signature makes no sense. Without it, the example is fine.
parent 98c1f222
......@@ -9442,7 +9442,7 @@ The following things have kind ``Constraint``:
- Anything whose form is not yet known, but the user has declared to
have kind ``Constraint`` (for which they need to import it from
``GHC.Exts``). So for example
``type Foo (f :: \* -> Constraint) = forall b. f b => b -> b``
``type Foo (f :: * -> Constraint) = forall b. f b => b -> b``
is allowed, as well as examples involving type families: ::
type family Typ a b :: Constraint
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