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[project @ 2000-10-24 15:40:19 by sewardj]

First shot at revised hscMain.
parent 6eed5169
......@@ -77,8 +77,71 @@ hscMain
-> IO HscResult
hscMain dflags core_cmds stg_cmds summary maybe_old_iface
output_filename mod_details pcs1 =
output_filename mod_details pcs1
= do
source_unchanged :: Bool -- extracted from summary?
(pcs2, check_errs, (recomp_reqd, maybe_checked_iface))
<- checkOldIface dflags finder hit hst pcs1 mod source_unchanged
-- test check_errs and give up if a problem happened
what_next = if recomp_reqd then hscRecomp else hscNoRecomp
return $
what_next dflags core_cmds stg_cmds summary hit hst
pcs2 maybe_checked_iface
hscNoRecomp = panic "hscNoRecomp"
hscRecomp dflags core_cmds stg_cmds summary hit hst pcs maybe_old_iface
= do
-- parsed :: RdrNameHsModule
parsed <- parseModule summary
-- check for parse errors
(pcs_rn, maybe_rn_result)
<- renameModule dflags finder hit hst pcs mod parsed
-- check maybe_rn_result for failure
(new_iface, rn_hs_decls) = unJust maybe_rn_result
<- typecheckModule dflags mod pcs hst hit pit rn_hs_decls
-- check maybe_tc_result for failure
let tc_result = unJust maybe_tc_result
let tc_pcs = tc_pcs tc_result
let tc_env = tc_env tc_result
let tc_binds = tc_binds tc_result
-- desugar, simplify and tidy, to create the unfoldings
-- why is this IO-typed?
(core_binds, orphan_rules)
<- dsThenSimplThenTidy dflags mod tc_binds rule_base
-- convert to Stg; needed for binders
let (stg_binds, top_level_ids) = myCoreToStg core_binds
-- myCoreToStg does occurAnalyseBinds,
-- `seq`, topCoreBindsToStg
-- cook up a new ModDetails now we (finally) have all the bits
let new_details = completeModDetails tc_env core_binds top_level_ids orphan_rules
-- and possibly create a new ModIface
let maybe_final_iface = completeIface maybe_old_iface new_iface new_details
-- do the rest of code generation/emission
(unlinkeds, stub_h_filename, stub_c_filename) <- restOfCodeGeneration stg_binds
-- and the answer is ...
return (HscOK new_details maybe_final_iface stub_h_filename stub_c_filename
unlinkeds tc_pcs (unionBags rn_warns tc_warns))
#if 0
-- BEGIN old stuff
-------------------------- Reader ----------------
show_pass "Parser" >>
_scc_ "Parser"
......@@ -241,6 +304,8 @@ hscMain dflags core_cmds stg_cmds summary maybe_old_iface
= if opt_D_show_passes
then \ what -> hPutStr stderr ("*** "++what++":\n")
else \ what -> return ()
-- END old stuff
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