Commit 96e6eddc authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Make exprType work correctly in the presnce of type bindings (Trac #8522)

parent 961203b5
......@@ -86,7 +86,10 @@ exprType :: CoreExpr -> Type
exprType (Var var) = idType var
exprType (Lit lit) = literalType lit
exprType (Coercion co) = coercionType co
exprType (Let _ body) = exprType body
exprType (Let bind body)
| NonRec tv rhs <- bind -- See Note [Type bindings]
, Type ty <- rhs = substTyWith [tv] [ty] (exprType body)
| otherwise = exprType body
exprType (Case _ _ ty _) = ty
exprType (Cast _ co) = pSnd (coercionKind co)
exprType (Tick _ e) = exprType e
......@@ -113,6 +116,15 @@ coreAltsType (alt:_) = coreAltType alt
coreAltsType [] = panic "corAltsType"
Note [Type bindings]
Core does allow type bindings, although such bindings are
not much used, except in the output of the desuguarer.
let a = Int in (\x:a. x)
Given this, exprType must be careful to substitute 'a' in the
result type (Trac #8522).
Note [Existential variables and silly type synonyms]
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