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[project @ 1997-03-14 05:00:47 by sof]

Stk underflow fix (HWL)
parent 3aa6eac7
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ DO_RETURN_TEMPLATE(UnderflowVect7, ((P_)RetReg)[RVREL(7)])
DO_RETURN_TEMPLATE(StackUnderflowEnterNode, EnterNodeCode)
#else /* PAR */
......@@ -436,6 +436,9 @@ STGFUN(PrimUnderflow)
* because R2 is dead, and R1 points to a PAP. Only R1 is live.
#if 0
/* old version of the code */
......@@ -445,8 +448,50 @@ STGFUN(StackUnderflowEnterNode)
We've inlined CommonUnderFlow because setting RetReg would zap
the return vector that the node needs.
We pick up the RetReg from the STkO header instead.
KH/HWL 14/2/97
P_ temp;
RetReg = STKO_RETURN(StkOReg); /* pick up return code from the StkO hdr
needed because we come from UpdatePAP */
LivenessReg = LIVENESS_R1;
temp = STKO_LINK(StkOReg);
/*? fprintf(stderr,"Stk Underflow from: %lx to: %lx size abandoned: %d\n",StkOReg,temp,STKO_CLOSURE_CTS_SIZE(StkOReg)); ?*/
/* change the guy we are abandoning into something
that will not be "interesting" on the mutables
list. (As long as it is there, it will be
scavenged in GC, and we cannot guarantee that
it is still a "sane" StkO object). (And, besides,
why continue to keep it [and all it pts to] alive?)
Will & Phil 95/10
FREEZE_MUT_HDR(StkOReg, ImMutArrayOfPtrs_info);
StkOReg = temp;
/* ToDo: Fetch the remote stack object here! */
JMP_(EnterNodeCode); /* this will enter a PAP containing the old stkos
A and B stacks */
#endif /* !PAR */
const W_
vtbl_Underflow[] = {
/* "MAX_VECTORED_RTN" elements (see GhcConstants.lh) */
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