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Comments about injecting implicit bindings

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......@@ -478,6 +478,19 @@ got the wrong arity -- ie the simplifier gave it arity 2, whereas
importing modules were expecting it to have arity 1 (Trac #2844).
It's much safer just to inject them right at the end, after tidying.
Oh: two other reasons for injecting them late:
- If implicit Ids are already in the bindings when we start TidyPgm,
we'd have to be careful not to treat them as external Ids (in
the sense of findExternalIds); else the Ids mentioned in *their*
RHSs will be treated as external and you get an interface file
saying a18 = <blah>
but nothing refererring to a18 (because the implicit Id is the
one that does).
- More seriously, the tidied type-envt will include the implicit
Id replete with a18 in its unfolding; but we won't take account
of a18 when computing a fingerprint for the class; result chaos.
getImplicitBinds :: TypeEnv -> [CoreBind]
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