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Get NDP prelnames from the right modules

parent c30cf0ba
......@@ -272,7 +272,8 @@ aRROW = mkBaseModule FSLIT("Control.Arrow")
rANDOM = mkBaseModule FSLIT("System.Random")
gLA_EXTS = mkBaseModule FSLIT("GHC.Exts")
nDP_LIFTED = mkNDPModule FSLIT("Data.Array.Parallel.Lifted")
nDP_PARRAY = mkNDPModule FSLIT("Data.Array.Parallel.Lifted.PArray")
nDP_CLOSURE = mkNDPModule FSLIT("Data.Array.Parallel.Lifted.Closure")
mAIN = mkMainModule_ mAIN_NAME
rOOT_MAIN = mkMainModule FSLIT(":Main") -- Root module for initialisation
......@@ -687,15 +688,15 @@ unmarshalStringName = varQual dOTNET FSLIT("unmarshalString") unmarshalStringId
checkDotnetResName = varQual dOTNET FSLIT("checkResult") checkDotnetResNameIdKey
-- NDP stuff
parrayTyConName = tcQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("PArray") parrayTyConKey
paClassName = clsQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("PA") paClassKey
closureTyConName = tcQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT(":->") closureTyConKey
mkClosureName = varQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("mkClosure") mkClosureIdKey
applyClosureName = varQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("$:") applyClosureIdKey
mkClosurePName = varQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("mkClosureP") mkClosurePIdKey
applyClosurePName = varQual nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("$:^") applyClosurePIdKey
lengthPAName = methName nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("lengthPA") lengthPAClassOpKey
replicatePAName = methName nDP_LIFTED FSLIT("replicatePA") replicatePAClassOpKey
parrayTyConName = tcQual nDP_PARRAY FSLIT("PArray") parrayTyConKey
paClassName = clsQual nDP_PARRAY FSLIT("PA") paClassKey
lengthPAName = methName nDP_PARRAY FSLIT("lengthPA") lengthPAClassOpKey
replicatePAName = methName nDP_PARRAY FSLIT("replicatePA") replicatePAClassOpKey
closureTyConName = tcQual nDP_CLOSURE FSLIT(":->") closureTyConKey
mkClosureName = varQual nDP_CLOSURE FSLIT("mkClosure") mkClosureIdKey
applyClosureName = varQual nDP_CLOSURE FSLIT("$:") applyClosureIdKey
mkClosurePName = varQual nDP_CLOSURE FSLIT("mkClosureP") mkClosurePIdKey
applyClosurePName = varQual nDP_CLOSURE FSLIT("$:^") applyClosurePIdKey
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