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Improve documentation about ambiguous types
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......@@ -1531,12 +1531,12 @@ in GHC, you can give the foralls if you want. See <xref LinkEnd="universal-quan
<emphasis>Each universally quantified type variable
<literal>tvi</literal> must be reachable from <literal>type</literal></emphasis>.
A type variable is "reachable" if it it is functionally dependent
(see <xref linkend="functional-dependencies">)
on the type variables free in <literal>type</literal>.
The reason for this is that a value with a type that does not obey
this restriction could not be used without introducing
A type variable <literal>a</literal> is "reachable" if it it appears
in the same constraint as either a type variable free in in
<literal>type</literal>, or another reachable type variable.
A value with a type that does not obey
this reachability restriction cannot be used without introducing
ambiguity; that is why the type is rejected.
Here, for example, is an illegal type:
......@@ -1551,7 +1551,23 @@ would be introduced where <literal>tv</literal> is a fresh type variable, and
applied to a dictionary for <literal>Eq tv</literal>. The difficulty is that we
can never know which instance of <literal>Eq</literal> to use because we never
get any more information about <literal>tv</literal>.
that the reachability condition is weaker than saying that <literal>a</literal> is
functionally dependendent on a type variable free in
<literal>type</literal> (see <xref
linkend="functional-dependencies">). The reason for this is there
might be a "hidden" dependency, in a superclass perhaps. So
"reachable" is a conservative approximation to "functionally dependent".
For example, consider:
class C a b | a -> b where ...
class C a b => D a b where ...
f :: forall a b. D a b => a -> a
This is fine, because in fact <literal>a</literal> does functionally determine <literal>b</literal>
but that is not immediately apparent from <literal>f</literal>'s type.
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