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Get rid of TcTyVars more assiduously

* I found a bug in 'generalize' in TcTyClsDecls.kcTyClGroup, where
  the kind variables weren't being turned into proper TyVars, so
  we got (skolem) TcTyVars in TyCons, which shouldn't happen.  Fix
  was easy.

* Similarly TcHsType.kindGeneralizeType wasn't turning the forall'd
  TcTyVars into TyVars.  To achieve this I defined TcHsTyn.zonkSigType.

* All this allowed me to remove awkward and ill-explained bit of
  footwork on DFunIds in Inst.newClsInst

This is just refactoring, but it does make the printout from
-ddump-deriv make a bit more sense by not grautuitiously cloning
type variables.  In the display I was seeing

   instance C [a_df4] where
      f x = ...a_dx5...

where actually the d_df4 and a_dx5 were the same.
parent 79fb6e66
......@@ -638,13 +638,15 @@ newClsInst overlap_mode dfun_name tvs theta clas tys
= do { (subst, tvs') <- freshenTyVarBndrs tvs
-- Be sure to freshen those type variables,
-- so they are sure not to appear in any lookup
; let tys' = substTys subst tys
theta' = substTheta subst theta
dfun = mkDictFunId dfun_name tvs' theta' clas tys'
-- Substituting in the DFun type just makes sure that
-- we are using TyVars rather than TcTyVars
-- Not sure if this is really the right place to do so,
-- but it'll do fine
; let tys' = substTys subst tys
dfun = mkDictFunId dfun_name tvs theta clas tys
-- The dfun uses the original 'tvs' because
-- (a) they don't need to be fresh
-- (b) they may be mentioned in the ib_binds field of
-- an InstInfo, and in TcEnv.pprInstInfoDetails it's
-- helpful to use the same names
; oflag <- getOverlapFlag overlap_mode
; let inst = mkLocalInstance dfun oflag tvs' clas tys'
; warnIf (Reason Opt_WarnOrphans)
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ module TcHsSyn (
emptyZonkEnv, mkEmptyZonkEnv,
zonkTcTypeToType, zonkTcTypeToTypes, zonkTyVarOcc,
zonkCoToCo, zonkSigType,
-- * Validity checking
......@@ -187,6 +187,8 @@ the environment manipulation is tiresome.
-- Confused by zonking? See Note [What is zonking?] in TcMType.
type UnboundTyVarZonker = TcTyVar -> TcM Type
-- How to zonk an unbound type variable
-- The TcTyVar is (a) a MetaTv (b) Flexi and
-- (c) its kind is alrady zonked
-- Note [Zonking the LHS of a RULE]
-- | A ZonkEnv carries around several bits.
......@@ -1595,6 +1597,19 @@ zonkTcTypeToTypes env tys = mapM (zonkTcTypeToType env) tys
zonkCoToCo :: ZonkEnv -> Coercion -> TcM Coercion
zonkCoToCo = mapCoercion zonk_tycomapper
zonkSigType :: TcType -> TcM Type
-- Zonk the type obtained from a user type signature
-- We want to turn any quantified (forall'd) variables into TyVars
-- but we may find some free TcTyVars, and we want to leave them
-- completely alone. They may even have unification variables inside
-- e.g. f (x::a) = ...(e :: a -> a)....
-- The type sig for 'e' mentions a free 'a' which will be a
-- unification SigTv variable.
zonkSigType = zonkTcTypeToType (mkEmptyZonkEnv zonk_unbound_tv)
zonk_unbound_tv :: UnboundTyVarZonker
zonk_unbound_tv tv = return (mkTyVarTy tv)
zonkTvSkolemising :: UnboundTyVarZonker
-- This variant is used for the LHS of rules
-- See Note [Zonking the LHS of a RULE].
......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ import TcUnify
import TcIface
import TcSimplify ( solveEqualities )
import TcType
import TcHsSyn( zonkSigType )
import Inst ( tcInstBinders, tcInstBindersX, tcInstBinderX )
import Type
import Kind
......@@ -1543,7 +1544,9 @@ kindGeneralizeType :: Type -> TcM Type
-- Result is zonked
kindGeneralizeType ty
= do { kvs <- kindGeneralize ty
; zonkTcType (mkInvForAllTys kvs ty) }
; ty <- zonkSigType (mkInvForAllTys kvs ty)
; traceTc "kindGen" (ppr (mkInvForAllTys kvs ty) $$ ppr ty)
; return ty }
kindGeneralize :: TcType -> TcM [KindVar]
-- Quantify the free kind variables of a kind or type
......@@ -350,19 +350,18 @@ kcTyClGroup decls
kc_res_kind = tyConResKind tc
kc_tyvars = tyConTyVars tc
; kvs <- kindGeneralize (mkTyConKind kc_binders kc_res_kind)
; let all_binders = mkNamedTyConBinders Inferred kvs ++ kc_binders
; (env, kc_binders') <- zonkTyConBinders emptyZonkEnv kc_binders
; kc_res_kind' <- zonkTcTypeToType env kc_res_kind
; (env, all_binders') <- zonkTyConBinders emptyZonkEnv all_binders
; kc_res_kind' <- zonkTcTypeToType env kc_res_kind
-- Make sure kc_kind' has the final, zonked kind variables
; traceTc "Generalise kind" $
vcat [ ppr name, ppr kc_binders, ppr kc_res_kind
, ppr kvs, ppr kc_binders', ppr kc_res_kind'
vcat [ ppr name, ppr kc_binders, ppr kvs, ppr all_binders, ppr kc_res_kind
, ppr all_binders', ppr kc_res_kind'
, ppr kc_tyvars, ppr (tcTyConScopedTyVars tc)]
; return (mkTcTyCon name
(mkNamedTyConBinders Inferred kvs ++ kc_binders')
; return (mkTcTyCon name all_binders' kc_res_kind'
(mightBeUnsaturatedTyCon tc)
(tcTyConScopedTyVars tc)) }
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