Commit 9b87106f authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2000-07-03 14:32:58 by simonmar]

dead code removal
parent 786b2e7b
......@@ -487,13 +487,6 @@ iNTLIKE_closure = StCLbl mkIntlikeClosureLabel
cHARLIKE_closure :: StixTree
cHARLIKE_closure = StCLbl mkCharlikeClosureLabel
-- Trees for the ErrorIOPrimOp
topClosure, errorIO :: StixTree
topClosure = StInd PtrRep (StCLbl mkTopClosureLabel)
errorIO = StJump (StInd PtrRep (StCLbl mkErrorIO_innardsLabel))
mutArrPtrsFrozen_info = StCLbl mkMAP_FROZEN_infoLabel
-- these are the sizes of charLike and intLike closures, in _bytes_.
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