Commit 9bd88f1a authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

remove ancient file with incorrect information

parent 994fa221
This directory contains the source for Glorious Glasgow Haskell
compiler proper, normally a binary called "hsc". The source is
organized into _one_ level of directories, and the literate Haskell
source files sit in those directories (i.e., */*.lhs).
The only "real" subdirectory is the tests/ directory [NB: not
distributed normally, but available to gluttons for punishment], which
includes some tests that we use to make sure we're not going
backwards. The subdirs of the test directory "match" the subdirs of
the main source directory; e.g., the desugarer is in subdir deSugar/,
and the tests for the desugarer are in tests/deSugar/.
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