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......@@ -797,7 +797,7 @@ mk_gadt_con name qvars cxt ty
-- The parser left-associates, so there should
-- not be any OpApps inside the e's
splitBang :: LHsExpr RdrName -> Maybe (LHsExpr RdrName, [LHsExpr RdrName])
-- Splits (f ! g a b) into (f, [(! g), a, g])
-- Splits (f ! g a b) into (f, [(! g), a, b])
splitBang (L loc (OpApp l_arg bang@(L loc' (HsVar op)) _ r_arg))
| op == bang_RDR = Just (l_arg, L loc (SectionR bang arg1) : argns)
......@@ -809,6 +809,16 @@ splitBang other = Nothing
isFunLhs :: LHsExpr RdrName
-> P (Maybe (Located RdrName, Bool, [LHsExpr RdrName]))
-- Just (fun, is_infix, arg_pats) if e is a function LHS
-- The whole LHS is parsed as a single expression.
-- Any infix operators on the LHS will parse left-associatively
-- E.g. f !x y !z
-- will parse (rather strangely) as
-- (f ! x y) ! z
-- It's up to isFunLhs to sort out the mess
-- a .!. !b
isFunLhs e = go e []
go (L loc (HsVar f)) es
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