Commit 9d708897 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar

[project @ 2001-10-29 12:21:57 by simonmar]

Add C++ extern "C" wrappers to generated stubs.
parent f41ac4fd
......@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ outputForeignStubs dflags c_code h_code
<- outputForeignStubs_help (hscStubHOutName dflags) stub_h_output_w
"#include \"HsFFI.h\"\n"
("#include \"HsFFI.h\"\n" ++ cplusplus_hdr) cplusplus_ftr
dumpIfSet_dyn dflags Opt_D_dump_foreign
"Foreign export stubs" stub_c_output_d
......@@ -199,7 +199,9 @@ outputForeignStubs dflags c_code h_code
<- outputForeignStubs_help (hscStubCOutName dflags) stub_c_output_w
("#define IN_STG_CODE 0\n" ++
hc_header ++
"#include \"RtsAPI.h\"\n")
"#include \"RtsAPI.h\"\n" ++
-- we're adding the default hc_header to the stub file, but this
-- isn't really HC code, so we need to define IN_STG_CODE==0 to
-- avoid the register variables etc. being enabled.
......@@ -214,13 +216,15 @@ outputForeignStubs dflags c_code h_code
stub_h_output_d = pprCode CStyle h_code
stub_h_output_w = showSDoc stub_h_output_d
cplusplus_hdr = "#ifdef __cplusplus\nextern \"C\" {\n#endif\n"
cplusplus_ftr = "#ifdef __cplusplus\n}\n#endif\n"
-- Don't use doOutput for dumping the f. export stubs
-- since it is more than likely that the stubs file will
-- turn out to be empty, in which case no file should be created.
outputForeignStubs_help fname "" injects = return False
outputForeignStubs_help fname doc_str injects
= do writeFile fname (injects ++ doc_str ++ "\n")
outputForeignStubs_help fname "" header footer = return False
outputForeignStubs_help fname doc_str header footer
= do writeFile fname (header ++ doc_str ++ '\n':footer ++ "\n")
return True
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