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[project @ 2002-03-18 15:20:55 by simonmar]

we don't support hand-written .hi files any more, so make this one an
.hi-boot file.
parent 8d7534d4
module Int10 where
data T1 a = C1 a
data T2 a b = T2C1 a | T2C2 b
data T3 a b c = T3C1 a | T3C2 b | T3C3 c
data T4 a b c d = T4C1 a | T4C2 b | T4C3 c | T4C4 d
data T5 a b c d e = T5C1 a | T5C2 b | T5C3 c | T5C4 d | T5C5 e
data T6 a = T6C6 a
data T7 a b = T7C6 a | T7C7 b
data T8 a b c = T8C1 a | T8C2 b | T8C3 c
data T9 a b c d = T9C1 a | T9C2 b | T9C3 c | T9C4 d
data T10 a b c d e = T10C1 a | T10C2 b | T10C3 c | T10C4 d | T10C5 e
module Imp10 where module Imp10 where
import Int10 import {-# SOURCE #-} Int10
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