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Lazy patterns are like wild-cards for overlap warnings


Fixes Trac #827
Test is should_compiler/ds058
parent 5154a1ad
......@@ -623,7 +623,8 @@ simplify_pat pat@(WildPat gt) = pat
simplify_pat (VarPat id) = WildPat (idType id)
simplify_pat (VarPatOut id _) = WildPat (idType id) -- Ignore the bindings
simplify_pat (ParPat p) = unLoc (simplify_lpat p)
simplify_pat (LazyPat p) = unLoc (simplify_lpat p)
simplify_pat (LazyPat p) = WildPat (hsPatType p) -- For overlap and exhaustiveness checking
-- purposes, a ~pat is like a wildcard
simplify_pat (BangPat p) = unLoc (simplify_lpat p)
simplify_pat (AsPat id p) = unLoc (simplify_lpat p)
simplify_pat (SigPatOut p _) = unLoc (simplify_lpat p) -- I'm not sure this is right
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