Commit 9ef0f42f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Remove the haskell98 dependency of the module tests

parent d421a688
module Mod136_A (module List) where
module Mod136_A (module Data.List) where
import qualified List
import qualified Data.List
module Mod137_A (module Char) where
module Mod137_A (module Data.Char) where
import Char
import List as Char
import Data.Char
import Data.List as Data.Char
module Mod138_A (module Char) where
module Mod138_A (module Data.Char) where
import qualified Char
import List as Char
import qualified Data.Char
import Data.List as Data.Char
module Mod141_A (partition, module List) where
module Mod141_A (partition, module Data.List) where
import List hiding (partition)
import Data.List hiding (partition)
partition :: String
partition = "partition"
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
module T3776 where
import qualified Ix( Ix(index) )
import qualified Data.Ix( Ix(index) )
instance Ix.Ix Float where
instance Data.Ix.Ix Float where
index = error "urk"
-- !!! Re-defining Prelude entities
module Ring where
import qualified Prelude
import List ( nub )
import Data.List ( nub )
l1 + l2 = l1 Prelude.++ l2
l1 * l2 = nub (l1 + l2)
-- !!! local aliases
module M where
import qualified Maybe as M
import qualified List as M
import qualified Data.List as M
import qualified Data.Maybe as M
x = M.length
b = M.isJust
-- !!! Hiding an abstract (Prelude) type
module M where
import Prelude hiding ( Char )
import Char hiding ( ord, Char )
import qualified Char ( ord )
import Prelude hiding ( Char )
import Data.Char hiding ( ord, Char )
import qualified Data.Char ( ord )
type Char = Int
ord :: Char -> Int
ord x = Char.ord (chr x) + 1
ord x = Data.Char.ord (chr x) + 1
-- !!! empty decls, alts and stmts
module M where {
;;;;;;;;import Char;;x = 1;;y = 2;
;;;;;;;;import Data.Char;;x = 1;;y = 2;
v = do {;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;x <- [1];;return x;;};
f x = case x of { ;;;;;;2 -> 'a';;;;;;3->'b';;;;;;;;;;;};;;
g x = case x of { ;;;;;;;;;; _ -> "aa"; }
-- !!! Re-exporting qualified import.
module M (module List) where
module M (module Data.List) where
import List as Char
import Data.List as Data.Char
mod135.hs:2:11: The export item `module List' is not imported
mod135.hs:2:11: The export item `module Data.List' is not imported
......@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@
module M where
import List as M
import Data.List as M
sort = "foo"
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ module M where
import Prelude hiding ( negate, enumFrom,
enumFromThen, enumFromTo,
enumFromThenTo )
import Ix hiding ( rangeSize )
import Data.Ix hiding ( rangeSize )
negate = undefined
enumFrom = undefined
enumFromThen = undefined
-- !!! Defining local value with same name as imported class member.
-- was: Imported member fun clashes with local var definition
module M where
import Ix(Ix(..))
import Data.Ix(Ix(..))
index x = x
-- !!! Illegal deriving Ix
module M where
import Ix(Ix)
import Data.Ix(Ix)
data T = K1 Int | K2 deriving (Eq,Ord,Ix)
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