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Enable the native code generator for SPARC

parent 3be1d26c
......@@ -281,9 +281,8 @@ endif
# Target platforms supported:
# i386, powerpc
# sparc has bitrotted
# AIX is not supported
ArchSupportsNCG=$(strip $(patsubst $(HostArch_CPP), YES, $(findstring $(HostArch_CPP), i386 x86_64 powerpc)))
ArchSupportsNCG=$(strip $(patsubst $(HostArch_CPP), YES, $(findstring $(HostArch_CPP), i386 x86_64 powerpc sparc)))
OsSupportsNCG=$(strip $(patsubst $(HostOS_CPP), YES, $(patsubst aix,,$(HostOS_CPP))))
# lazy test, because $(GhcUnregisterised) might be set in later.
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