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Fixing Makefile hpc to use compat

parent 272d9683
......@@ -5,12 +5,13 @@ HS_PROG = hpc$(exeext)
HPC_LIB = $(TOP)/libraries/hpc
SRCS += Trace/Hpc/Mix.hs Trace/Hpc/Tix.hs Trace/Hpc/Util.hs
# This causes libghccompat.a to be used:
include $(GHC_COMPAT_DIR)/
# workaround till we can force hpc to be built with stage-1.
Trace/Hpc/%.hs: $(HPC_LIB)/Trace/Hpc/%.hs
mkdir -p Trace/Hpc
cp $(HPC_LIB)/$@ $@
# This is required because libghccompat.a must be built with
# $(GhcHcOpts) because it is linked to the compiler, and hence
# we must also build with $(GhcHcOpts) here:
SRC_HC_OPTS += $(GhcHcOpts) $(GhcStage1HcOpts)
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(BIN_DIST_DIR)/utils/hpc
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