Commit a0f52966 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Remove the various mp registers from the StgRegTable

No longer need them as temp vars in the cmm primop implementations.
parent 1ff92767
......@@ -47,11 +47,6 @@ typedef union {
StgTSOPtr t;
} StgUnion;
// Urgh.. we don't know the size of an MP_INT here because we haven't
// #included gmp.h. We should really autoconf this, but GMP may not
// be available at ./configure time if we're building it (GMP) locally.
#define MP_INT_WORDS 3
* This is the table that holds shadow-locations for all the STG
* registers. The shadow locations are used when:
......@@ -87,14 +82,6 @@ typedef struct StgRegTable_ {
struct bdescr_ *rCurrentNursery; /* Hp/HpLim point into this block */
struct bdescr_ *rCurrentAlloc; /* for allocation using allocate() */
StgWord rHpAlloc; /* number of *bytes* being allocated in heap */
// rmp_tmp1..rmp_result2 are only used in THREADED_RTS builds to
// avoid per-thread temps in bss, but currently always incldue here
// so we just run mkDerivedConstants once
StgWord rmp_tmp_w[MP_INT_WORDS];
StgWord rmp_tmp1[MP_INT_WORDS];
StgWord rmp_tmp2[MP_INT_WORDS];
StgWord rmp_result1[MP_INT_WORDS];
StgWord rmp_result2[MP_INT_WORDS];
StgWord rRet; // holds the return code of the thread
} StgRegTable;
......@@ -233,13 +233,6 @@ main(int argc, char *argv[])
field_offset(StgRegTable, rHpAlloc);
struct_field(StgRegTable, rRet);
// Needed for SMP builds
field_offset(StgRegTable, rmp_tmp_w);
field_offset(StgRegTable, rmp_tmp1);
field_offset(StgRegTable, rmp_tmp2);
field_offset(StgRegTable, rmp_result1);
field_offset(StgRegTable, rmp_result2);
def_offset("stgEagerBlackholeInfo", FUN_OFFSET(stgEagerBlackholeInfo));
def_offset("stgGCEnter1", FUN_OFFSET(stgGCEnter1));
def_offset("stgGCFun", FUN_OFFSET(stgGCFun));
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