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Fix Trac #2520: duplicate symbols

The problem here was that were were quantifying over an *External* Name,
which causes no end of confusion.  See Note [Const rule dicts] in DsBinds.

The fix is very easy, I'm happy to say.
parent 519e79ea
......@@ -30,12 +30,13 @@ import MkCore
import CoreUtils
import CoreFVs
import TcHsSyn ( mkArbitraryType ) -- Mis-placed?
import TcHsSyn ( mkArbitraryType ) -- Mis-placed?
import TcType
import OccurAnal
import CostCentre
import Module
import Id
import Name ( localiseName )
import Var ( TyVar )
import VarSet
import Rules
......@@ -333,6 +334,9 @@ dsSpec all_tvs dicts tvs poly_id mono_id mono_bind
; spec_name <- newLocalName poly_name
; ds_spec_expr <- dsExpr spec_expr
; let (bndrs, body) = collectBinders (occurAnalyseExpr ds_spec_expr)
-- ds_spec_expr may look like
-- /\a. f a Int dOrdInt
-- or /\a.\d:Ord a. let { dl::Ord [a] = dOrdList a d } in f [a] dl
-- The occurrence-analysis does two things
-- (a) identifies unused binders: Note [Unused spec binders]
-- (b) sorts dict bindings into NonRecs
......@@ -358,7 +362,9 @@ dsSpec all_tvs dicts tvs poly_id mono_id mono_bind
spec_rhs = Let (NonRec local_poly poly_f_body) ds_spec_expr
poly_f_body = mkLams (tvs ++ dicts) f_body
extra_dict_bndrs = filter isDictId (varSetElems (exprFreeVars ds_spec_expr))
extra_dict_bndrs = [localise d
| d <- varSetElems (exprFreeVars ds_spec_expr)
, isDictId d]
-- Note [Const rule dicts]
rule = mkLocalRule (mkFastString ("SPEC " ++ showSDoc (ppr poly_name)))
......@@ -385,6 +391,9 @@ dsSpec all_tvs dicts tvs poly_id mono_id mono_bind
decomp_msg = hang (ptext (sLit "Specialisation too complicated to desugar; ignored"))
2 (ppr spec_expr)
localise d = mkLocalId (localiseName (idName d)) (idType d)
-- See Note [Constant rule dicts]
mkArbitraryTypeEnv :: [TyVar] -> [([TyVar], a, b, c)] -> DsM (TyVarEnv Type)
-- If any of the tyvars is missing from any of the lists in
-- the second arg, return a binding in the result
......@@ -442,6 +451,9 @@ And from that we want the rule
RULE forall dInt. f Int dInt = f_spec
f_spec = let f = <rhs> in f Int dInt
But be careful! That dInt might be GHC.Base.$fOrdInt, which is an External
Name, and you can't bind them in a lambda or forall without getting things
confused. Hence the use of 'localise' to make it Internal.
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