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Document 'parseStaticFlags'.

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......@@ -28,6 +28,21 @@ import Data.List
-- Static flags
-- | Parses GHC's static flags from a list of command line arguments.
-- These flags are static in the sense that they can be set only once and they
-- are global, meaning that they affect every instance of GHC running;
-- multiple GHC threads will use the same flags.
-- This function must be called before any session is started, i.e., before
-- the first call to 'GHC.withGhc'.
-- Static flags are more of a hack and are static for more or less historical
-- reasons. In the long run, most static flags should eventually become
-- dynamic flags.
-- XXX: can we add an auto-generated list of static flags here?
parseStaticFlags :: [Located String] -> IO ([Located String], [Located String])
parseStaticFlags args = do
ready <- readIORef v_opt_C_ready
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