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I don't thing we want to add a call-context here; it just clutters the output

parent f8171baf
......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ tcExpr (HsApp e1 e2) res_ty
go :: LHsExpr Name -> [LHsExpr Name] -> TcM (HsExpr TcId)
go (L _ (HsApp e1 e2)) args = go e1 (e2:args)
go lfun@(L loc fun) args
= do { (fun', args') <- addErrCtxt (callCtxt lfun args) $
= do { (fun', args') <- -- addErrCtxt (callCtxt lfun args) $
tcApp fun (length args) (tcArgs lfun args) res_ty
; return (unLoc (foldl mkHsApp (L loc fun') args')) }
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