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[project @ 1997-03-13 08:19:53 by sof]

AIX mods
parent 98cb06a8
......@@ -588,8 +588,17 @@ gets whatever it's after.
#define WRAPPER_SETUP(f,ignore1,ignore2) SaveAllStgContext();
/* we have to make sure the STG registers are restored.
GCC tries to restore the value the registers had in
the beginning of the current call, which we don't want.
We defeat it by saving the registers in the stack again. :-( */
#define WRAPPER_RETURN(x) \
do {RestoreAllStgRegs(); if(x) JMP_(EnterNodeCode);} while(0);
do {RestoreAllStgRegs(); if(x) JMP_(EnterNodeCode);} while(0); \
__asm__ volatile ( \
"cal 1,136(1)\n" \
"\tstm 13,-76(1)\n" \
"\tstu 1,-136(1)");
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