Commit a2fe6073 authored by's avatar

Make CoreToStg a little more robust to eta expansion

parent 2d815d1f
......@@ -1082,9 +1082,16 @@ myCollectArgs expr
go (Note (SCC _) _) _ = pprPanic "CoreToStg.myCollectArgs" (ppr expr)
go (Cast e _) as = go e as
go (Note _ e) as = go e as
go (Lam b e) as
| isTyVar b = go e as -- Note [Collect args]
go _ _ = pprPanic "CoreToStg.myCollectArgs" (ppr expr)
Note [Collect args]
This big-lambda case occurred following a rather obscure eta expansion.
It all seems a bit yukky to me.
stgArity :: Id -> HowBound -> Arity
stgArity _ (LetBound _ arity) = arity
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