Commit a36cd637 authored by benl's avatar benl
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Fix build: Add missing import and remove unneeded #ifdef.

From Erik de Castro Lopo.
parent 4ed961f6
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ import qualified RegAlloc.Graph.TrivColorable as Color
import TargetReg
import Platform
import Config
import Instruction
import PIC
import Reg
......@@ -450,14 +451,12 @@ makeImportsDoc dflags imports
-- stack so add the note in:
Pretty.$$ Pretty.text ".section .note.GNU-stack,\"\",@progbits"
#if !defined(darwin_TARGET_OS)
-- And just because every other compiler does, lets stick in
-- an identifier directive: .ident "GHC x.y.z"
Pretty.$$ let compilerIdent = Pretty.text "GHC" Pretty.<+>
Pretty.$$ let compilerIdent = Pretty.text "GHC" Pretty.<+>
Pretty.text cProjectVersion
in Pretty.text ".ident" Pretty.<+>
Pretty.doubleQuotes compilerIdent
-- Generate "symbol stubs" for all external symbols that might
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