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added instance declarations so we can fold over local registers used in Middle and Last nodes

parent cbdda5e0
......@@ -151,6 +151,32 @@ fold_cmm_succs _f (LastCall _ Nothing) z = z
fold_cmm_succs f (LastCondBranch _ te fe) z = f te (f fe z)
fold_cmm_succs f (LastSwitch _ edges) z = foldl (flip f) z $ catMaybes edges
----- Instance declarations for register use
instance UserOfLocalRegs Middle where
foldRegsUsed f z m = middle m
where middle (MidComment {}) = z
middle (MidAssign _lhs expr) = foldRegsUsed f z expr
middle (MidStore addr rval) = foldRegsUsed f (foldRegsUsed f z addr) rval
middle (MidUnsafeCall tgt _ress args) = foldRegsUsed f (foldRegsUsed f z tgt) args
middle (CopyIn _ _formals _) = z
middle (CopyOut _ actuals) = foldRegsUsed f z actuals
-- fold = foldRegsUsed
instance UserOfLocalRegs Last where
foldRegsUsed f z m = last m
where last (LastReturn) = z
last (LastJump e) = foldRegsUsed f z e
last (LastBranch _id) = z
last (LastCall tgt _) = foldRegsUsed f z tgt
last (LastCondBranch e _ _) = foldRegsUsed f z e
last (LastSwitch e _tbl) = foldRegsUsed f z e
instance UserOfLocalRegs (ZLast Last) where
foldRegsUsed f z (LastOther l) = foldRegsUsed f z l
foldRegsUsed _f z LastExit = z
----- Instance declarations for prettyprinting (avoids recursive imports)
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