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Hadrian: ability to run a subset of the testsuite

This was supposed to be working already but didn't work when we
specified several tests with --only. This patch not only fixes this
but also makes it possible to specify a subset of tests to run with the
TEST environment variable, like the make build system. Here are some

    hadrian/ test --only=plugins01
    hadrian/ test --only="plugins01 plugins02"
    TEST="plugins01 plugins02" hadrian/ test
    TEST=plugins03 hadrian/ test --only="plugins01 plugins02"

When both the TEST environment variable and the --only flag are used,
we simply concatenate the list of tests from both sources and ask the
testsuite driver to run them all.

This patch addresses #16026.

Test Plan: hadrian/ test --only="plugins01 plugins02"

Reviewers: bgamari, snowleopard

Reviewed By: bgamari, snowleopard

Subscribers: rwbarton, carter

GHC Trac Issues: #16026

Differential Revision:
parent 7491cedb
......@@ -170,16 +170,12 @@ workflow, for now.
#### Testing
* `build validate` runs GHC tests by simply executing `make fast` in `testsuite/tests`
directory. This can be used instead of `sh validate --fast --no-clean` in the existing
build system. Note: this will rebuild Stage2 GHC, `ghc-pkg` and `hpc` if they are out of date.
To run GHC's testsuite, use `build test`. See
[doc/](doc/ to learn about all the options
you can use to mimic what the Make build system offers.
* `build test` runs GHC tests by calling the `testsuite/driver/` python
script with appropriate flags. The current implementation is limited and cannot
replace the `validate` script (see [#187][validation-issue]).
* `build selftest` runs tests of the build system. Current test coverage is close to
zero (see [#197][test-issue]).
`build selftest` runs tests of the build system. Current test coverage
is close to zero (see [#197][test-issue]).
# Running the testsuite
## Quickstart
The simplest way to run the testsuite is
``` sh
# assuming 'build' is the build script you're using
# (hadrian/, hadrian/build.bat, ...)
build test
This is the equivalent of running `make test` with the
Make build system: it will run the entire testsuite in
normal mode (as opposed to slow or fast). If you have not
built GHC before, this will also build a stage 2 GHC in
the default flavour along with many libraries and programs
needed by the tests.
## Running only a subset of the testsuite
You can use the `TEST` environment variable, like with the
Make build system, or the `--only=...` command line argument.
This is best illustrated with examples:
``` sh
# only run the test named 'sometest'
build test --only=sometest
# only run 'test1' and 'test2'
build test --only="test1 test2"
# only run 'sometest'
TEST=sometest build test
# only run 'test1' and 'test2'
TEST="test1 test2" build test
# only run 'test1', 'test2', 'test3' and 'test4'
TEST="test1 test2" build test --only="test3 test4"
## Performance tests
You can use the `--only-perf` and `--skip-perf` flags to
respectively run only the performance tests or everything
but the performance tests.
``` sh
# just performance tests, equivalent to:
build test --only-perf
# skip performance tests, equivalent to:
build test --skip-perf
## Test speed
You can run the tests in `slow`, `normal` (default) or `fast`
mode using `--test-speed={slow, normal, fast}`.
``` sh
# equivalent to: make slowtest
build test --test-speed=slow
# equivalent to: make test
build test --test-speed=normal
# equivalent to: make fasttest
build test --test-speed=fast
## Test ways
You can specify which test ways to use using `--test-way=<way>`,
once per way that you want to run.
``` sh
# equivalent to: make test WAY=ghci
build test --test-way=ghci
# equivalent to: make test WAY=ghci WAY=hpc
build test --test-way=ghci --test-way=hpc
## Misc.
Where to output the test summary file.
A verbosity value between 0 and 5. 0 is silent, 4 and higher
activates extra output.
Use given compiler [Default=stage2].
Configuration file for testsuite. Default is
Configurations to run test, in `key=value` format.
Output testsuite summary in JUnit format.
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ data TestArgs = TestArgs
, testConfigFile :: String
, testConfigs :: [String]
, testJUnit :: Maybe FilePath
, testOnly :: Maybe String
, testOnly :: [String]
, testOnlyPerf :: Bool
, testSkipPerf :: Bool
, testSpeed :: TestSpeed
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ defaultTestArgs = TestArgs
, testConfigFile = "testsuite/config/ghc"
, testConfigs = []
, testJUnit = Nothing
, testOnly = Nothing
, testOnly = []
, testOnlyPerf = False
, testSkipPerf = False
, testSpeed = Fast
......@@ -142,7 +142,10 @@ readTestJUnit :: Maybe String -> Either String (CommandLineArgs -> CommandLineAr
readTestJUnit filepath = Right $ \flags -> flags { testArgs = (testArgs flags) { testJUnit = filepath } }
readTestOnly :: Maybe String -> Either String (CommandLineArgs -> CommandLineArgs)
readTestOnly tests = Right $ \flags -> flags { testArgs = (testArgs flags) { testOnly = tests } }
readTestOnly tests = Right $ \flags ->
flags { testArgs = (testArgs flags) { testOnly = tests' } }
where tests' = maybe [] words tests
readTestOnlyPerf :: Either String (CommandLineArgs -> CommandLineArgs)
readTestOnlyPerf = Right $ \flags -> flags { testArgs = (testArgs flags) { testOnlyPerf = True } }
......@@ -129,14 +129,14 @@ runTestBuilderArgs = builder RunTest ? do
-- | Command line arguments for running GHC's test script.
getTestArgs :: Args
getTestArgs = do
-- targets specified in the TEST env var
testEnvTargets <- maybe [] words <$> expr (liftIO $ lookupEnv "TEST")
args <- expr $ userSetting defaultTestArgs
bindir <- expr $ setBinaryDirectory (testCompiler args)
compiler <- expr $ setCompiler (testCompiler args)
globalVerbosity <- shakeVerbosity <$> expr getShakeOptions
let configFileArg= ["--config-file=" ++ (testConfigFile args)]
testOnlyArg = case testOnly args of
Just cases -> map ("--only=" ++) (words cases)
Nothing -> []
testOnlyArg = map ("--only=" ++) (testOnly args ++ testEnvTargets)
onlyPerfArg = if testOnlyPerf args
then Just "--only-perf-tests"
else Nothing
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