Commit a5ffb39a authored by Wander Hillen's avatar Wander Hillen Committed by Marge Bot

Move ahead cabal cache restoration to before use of cabal

parent 5ae8212c
......@@ -258,11 +258,10 @@ hadrian-ghc-in-ghci:
- x86_64-linux
- .gitlab/ setup
- cabal update
- cd hadrian; cabal new-build --with-compiler=$GHC --project-file=ci.project; cd ..
- git clean -xdf && git submodule foreach git clean -xdf
- .gitlab/ setup
- if [[ -d ./cabal-cache ]]; then cp -R ./.cabal-cache ~/.cabal-cache; fi
- ./boot
- ./configure $CONFIGURE_ARGS
# Load ghc-in-ghci then immediately exit and check the modules loaded
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