Commit a6020f2d authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 1999-08-23 15:55:58 by simonmar]

-fno-cpr ==> -fno-cpr-analyse
parent 74a70c1b
......@@ -949,12 +949,8 @@ analyser [because it is sometimes slow]),
specialisation of overloaded functions [because it makes your code
bigger]) [US spelling also accepted], and
@-fno-cpr@<nidx>-fno-cpr option</nidx> switches off the CPR (constructed product
@-fno-cpr-analyse@<nidx>-fno-cpr-analyse option</nidx> switches off the CPR (constructed product
result) analyser.
@-fno-update-analysis@<nidx>-fno-update-analysis option</nidx> (update
analyser, because it sometimes takes a <em>long</em> time). This one
is only enabled with -O2 anyway.
Should you wish to turn individual flags <em>on</em>, you are advised
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