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Correct crucial typo in isSubKind (kc1 -> kc2)!

parent 2ce87c70
......@@ -1430,7 +1430,7 @@ isKind k = isSuperKind (typeKind k)
isSubKind :: Kind -> Kind -> Bool
-- (k1 `isSubKind` k2) checks that k1 <: k2
isSubKind (TyConApp kc1 []) (TyConApp kc2 []) = kc1 `isSubKindCon` kc1
isSubKind (TyConApp kc1 []) (TyConApp kc2 []) = kc1 `isSubKindCon` kc2
isSubKind (FunTy a1 r1) (FunTy a2 r2) = (a2 `isSubKind` a1) && (r1 `isSubKind` r2)
isSubKind (PredTy (EqPred ty1 ty2)) (PredTy (EqPred ty1' ty2'))
= ty1 `tcEqType` ty1' && ty2 `tcEqType` ty2'
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